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Gourmet Cookies with Rich Chocolate Cream

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Gourmet Cookies  with Rich Chocolate Cream packed each piece, it packed with tray with colorful printed paper box

10g per piece, we can pack any other way based on your request. 

Chocolate A 100-gram serving of milk chocolate supplies 540 calories. It is 59% carbohydrates (52% as sugar and 3% as dietary fiber), 30% fat and 8% protein (table). Approximately 65% of the fat in milk chocolate is saturated, mainly palmitic acid and stearic acid, while the predominant unsaturated fat is oleic acid (table, see USDA reference for full report).

100-grams of milk chocolate is an excellent source (over 19% of the Daily Value, DV) of riboflavinvitamin B12 and the dietary mineralsmanganesephosphorus and zinc. Chocolate is a good source (10–19% DV) of calciummagnesium and iron (Quote:

Packing details:

Net. Wt.: 96g

Fob Port: Yantian / Shekou

Product size: 14x21x6cm (5.5x8.25x2.35inch)

Packing: 48boxes/ctn

Carton size: 43.5x22.5x50m

40HQ Loading qty: 1,370ctns

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