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Dringo Gummy Candies

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Makes your life more than sweet!

Gummis or jelly candies are a broad category of gelatine based chewable sweets.  The candy and the name "gummi" originated in Germany. Gummy bears are very popular and are a well-known part of the food industry. Shenzhen Rungu Food can produce Gummies in a wide variety of shapes sweets including bears, bottles, worms, frogs, hamburgers, sharks, large human body parts (such as hearts, feet, eyeball, finger, nose), and any shapes.  Further more, we can produce gummy with juice, vitamin, collagen, etc.   We would like to provide you healthy and delicious gummy candies.

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We select raw material strictly and process with advance auto production line fromAustralia. The quality of the products is up to international standard.

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Our products are gluten free, trans fat free, fat free, great taste guarntee, fun shapes, 100% juice gummy candies. Meanwhile, we can provide product customization service. Such as ploybag packed, tin can, paper box packed for you and which will be acclaimed in your market.

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