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Amoeba Management System Studying

Views:18     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-05      Origin:Site

We, Shenzhen Rungu Food Co., Ltd  would like to be processed as always. In year 2017, we have invested Amoeba Management system. Rungu Food set up goal, save cost inprove quality for Butter Cookie and Sof Sour Gummy Candy for product lines. 
Administration department, Purchasing department, Research and development department of Butter Cookies/Biscuit, Soft Gummy Candies, Marketing, Production department, Enginerring Department and so on, all attended trainning Amoeba Management System studying. 

Shenzhen Rungu Food Co., Ltd would like to use the newest management system to process every step and produce qualified butter cookie and juice gummy for all over the world people. Makes you life more than sweet, we are on the way. Thanks for your attention!

Shenzhen Rungu Food Co., Ltd managment employees took a photo together for Amoeba Management.

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Cookie Gummy.JPG

Amoeba Management studying meeting will begin soon. 

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Danish Cookie Soft Juice Gummy.JPG

Amoeba  trainer were teaching couses passionately.

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Butter Cookie Soft Gummy.JPG

Discussing in group, express own point. 

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Danish Cookie Juice Gummy Candy.JPG

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Danish Cookie Soft Sour Gummy.JPG

Amoeba Management Rungu Food Danish Cookie Sour Gummy.JPG

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